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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why is it so Dull Out Here?

Sometime ago I was gripped with a fear that what if one day I wake up and find nothing to blog about?
I can just see my worst nightmare turning to a reality.
So why is it so dull here?
1. The kids are not doing anything fun to report here, no milestones, nothing- except shuttling back and forth to Pondicherry and naming their new cousin Donut.
2. The camera is unable to talk to the laptop- long story- don't ask- so until then all my photo posts have been put on hold.
3. Seriously, a lot of things have happened- we have completely redone the living room, painted the walls, bought new furniture, done some works of art and the kids have given good poses for the camera but all of those good pics that can be easily translated into photo posts are just locked in the camera chip.
4. I cannot post anything on my weight and diet because I am not losing any weight
5. We haven't visited any new eating place - except Once upon a pirate in the Besant Nagar beach- nice place- with pirate theme decor, treasure chests and all. Multicuisine.
6. I haven't been travelling or shopping
7. The only thing I am doing is reading and this blog is fast threatening to become a book review blog so I am refraining from posting about them
8. My garden is in shambles- the painters have completely damaged my plants- and the paints have dripped over them - I cannot distinguish my plants from one another, pots are damaged, plants are dying- I have no energy to confront the painters and am silently waiting for them to complete the painting work so that i can get it back in mint condition again.
9. I have been watching movies weekend after weekend but have no real motivation to write about them- we watched Kites- a thriller love story- Lifecell gave us complimentary tickets in PVR. PVR could have better A/C by the way!
10. And offcourse last but not the least- even my dear readers are not leaving their opinion behind!! sob sob


Monika said...

awww.......i have many more reasons not to blog. Yours+ some more

R's Mom said...

Hey just because we dont leave comments doesnt mean we dont read...we so love your blogs..and without having anything to write..(as per you!!!) you have written so much :) Get the camera repaired..want to see new photos of the twinnos :)

How do we know said...

of all these, the only thing NOT new was that u have been reading a lot.. its evident from the recent posts.. but loved the spark in this post.

Gayatri said...

- Not commenting
Reason 1 : Not in town for 2 weeks. will blog the whole vacation in bits...dunno when though :)
Reason 2 : I don't read..except for one book i read when i had to travel all alone ...will blog...yup dunno when :b
- ur one of the most regular bloggers whats all this complaining much like ur blog "so what do u want to do now?"..nothing means alot doesn't it :D

Gayatri said...

- BTW PVR is so close to my place
- haven't been to the cinemas there ...jus to the mall

Itchingtowrite said...

Monika- justified!
R's Mom- doing doing hang on- pics should be out and about soon
How do we know- yeah lots of catch up to do on books
Gayatri- mall is also a disappointment in terms of layout - not the shops though. I feel i hav to jostle the 2 times I went there

Lavanya Sriram said...

hey, we watched Kites too at PVR , again complimentary Lifecell. Last Sunday , right ?
and as for me, am a regular reader of yours :)

itchingtowrite said...

lavanya- hey which one were u?? where did u sit? sheesh had i knows i cud hav sought u out!! i was in M row!!! didn't u see me?

Lavanya Sriram said...

OMG !!! i was in the "L" row.. near and yet so far...:(.

itchingtowrite said...

in the right aisle seat? your kid was playing on the floor? my kids were watching him? we were on the 7,8,9,10- aisle on the left side of the screen

Lavanya Sriram said...

nope.. we didn't bring our daughter. Just the two of us. we were on the other side..seats L18 and L19.. how did i miss the twins ? :(