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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cryoo's Story

The kids have formed an alternate Universe made up of their and their friends' alterego.
It so happened that I was saying Ojas and Tejas are bad boys as they are not eating and then they started eating and told me nearly in tears- you called me bad boy. So I hastily corrected- no the story Ojas and Tejas are bad boys.
Soon they built on it and made a parallel world of bad Ojas Tejas, and their friends S, R etc etc and even Story Mamma and Dadda who do all sorts of nasty stuff to the kids- so much so that they tell me- Mamma you smacked me- have you become Story Mamma.
One day, Tejas was in a very bad whiny mode and was behaving like Stiry Tejas so I decided to tell him another story.
The story of Cryoo the cry baby who would be crying for everything.
Cryoo used to think that if he cries, his parents will give him whatever he asks for but actually it would always have the opposite effect on his parents and they would never give him that.
So one day Cryoo was crying and the God of Tears was passing by.
So he got annoyed witH Cryoo teh Cry baby and did some magic on him and told him that from now on you will be unable to laugh or talk- yu will only cry.
So when Cryoo's friends came to play- Cryoo wanted to talk to them and laugh but he could only say- waaaaahy diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid youuuuuuaaaaaaaaa coooooome.. aaaaaaaaaa
So his friends thought Cryoo doesn't like them and they went away and he had nobody to play with.
Then Cryoo's parents gave Cryoo some juice. Cryoo was very happy and wanted to laugh but he could only manage- aaaaaaa juiccccccce
And his parents thought he doesn't like juice and took it away.
Then they went for a movie and the parents got them popcorn.
But Cryoo could only cry- Popcaaaaaaarn... and his parents thought he doesn't want popcorn and ate up the entire popcorn themselves.
And so on and so forth until God of Tears took pity on Cryoo and extracted a promise from him that he will learn to ask properly and not cry!


How do we know said...

what a lovely story. i m going to use this on ishaan. fanstastic. thanks.

Devasena Hariharan said...

u make up lovely stories....

How do we know said...

came back to tell u.. i used it on ishaan.. no luck. :-(

Mama - Mia said...

OMG! i am so gonna try it on my whiny cubby baby!