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Friday, May 21, 2010

A Trail of Paint

Ojas- So Mamma got this new review copy of A Trail of Paint from Tulika books just because she did a simple thing of answering the number of Tulika books listed out in the 50 top summer reads.

Tejas- Huh, she gets it easy doesn't she..and we have to struggle to do our homework, put our toys away and then we get something that we want- and all that and she just has to do is count..

Ojas- Ok, atleast she did the smart thing of opting for a book on painting- which we really like to do.

Tejas- Yes, and this has a lovely attractive orange jacket that tells us about the Indian painter Jamini Roy

Ojas- the pictures are so nice- if only Mamma would explain each picture and not just read.

Tejas- Yes, she is always in a hurry! Not wanting to stop and answer our questions.

Ojas- yes, like for example, she doesn't want to describe the 2 women in the story- she wanted to just read the story of how Biswajeet's mausi took him to a painting "shop"

Tejas- she didn't tell us more about the Rickshaw in the story or what the boy was trying to watch on the TV

Ojas- and wonder why she wasn't telling the name of the old man in the story who helped the boy find out who was the "bad boy" copying the paintings.

Tejas- well, we will also not tell it out here else what's the fun for the readers.

Ojas-but offcourse we loved the cute little cows and Krishna in the paintings

Tejas- we also learned where Santhals live

Aside from Mamma- While the book is for older children and its too soon for my kids to understand much, the reason why I picked up this book when Tulika gave me a choice of a few books was because "Dancing on the Walls" and "Rangoli" as books that depict Indian art had been well received. And since I have Warli art at my home and we often come across or do Rangoli- I thought it would be a good idea to expose them to different painters also.
As Boo in one of the forums said that her daughter is aware of painters like Pollock!!! So I am glad I started the early initiation. And the good part is it flows like a story and even talks of the painter's story and style

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