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Monday, May 31, 2010


Tejas to Ojas- where is my lion toy?
You throwed and kept
(trying to translate what I normally tell them in Hindi- Phenk ke rakhta hai - meaning leave it scattered around)

Ojas- Mamma, last night you did not sleep near me naa? Thats why I did susu in the bed
Me- you never did susu in the bed?
Ojas- No... I did. just because you did not sleep near me

Ojas calls me on the phone- I want ben 10 toy
me- ok ask periappa to buy it
Ojas- he is not buying toy. He is buying me chocolates and it is making me cough


The Bald Guy said...

I love the last one. You get the toy and he gets the chocolates. Hehe.

PV said...

Last one's too good - divide and conquer ka kya application hai !!

This one will be a very good politician !