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Monday, May 10, 2010


This summer holidays seem to be a season of change- both forward and backward.
Probably parenting does get less strenous as kids grow up.
I am a total momzilla on working days - everything happens on clockwork and in double speed- "wake up, eat, school, play, dinner, bonding, story, sleep cycle" is speed done. Because the next day should not get "scrood" if everything is not followed as per schedule.
I do more quality than quantity time with the kids. And am almost measuring on an activity basis my quality time spent with the kids.
Read- check
Discuss school/ talk- check
Be with them during their playtime- check
During the limited time I get to spend with them which does not involve attending to their needs and food I have to pack in a lot.
During these holidays, I have realized that parenting under pressure is so different from a relaxed parenting that happens during breaks and holidays. While I still have my mental checklists, the time is fluid. Sometimes we are doing writing work just before bedtime or sometimes like last night the kids slept in the living room as I caught a movie on TV and hubby worked on his laptop. Rules are broken, time loses relevance, breakfast happens at 11 in the morning, kids take bath on their own and I convince myself that the next bath I will give them- to make up for the parts that were overlooked when they did their self ablutions.
In the quest for independence, I insist that the kids eat their dinner themselves and all meals on weekends except dinner which is the Dad's duty- communal eating from his plate.
My way of ensuring some Dad-sons bonding.
During the holidays, kids have been insisting- toom khilayo (you feed us) and I have regressed to spoon / hand feeding rather than self eating- been obliging them with an ease I am myself surprised. Else I was forever the impatient one. Eat yourself- I cannot run behind you- finish fast- type on working days.
I am still measuring quality but also making time for lot of quantity. Either by extending their waking hours or taking leave from work.
I finish my "house" work, sit with my book or laptop as the kids play with each other or their friends and even manage to get some shut-eye while they are bouncing off me. So no longer it is like I have no me time when I am at home with the kids.
And the kids are getting housetrained too. Switching off lights, shutting doors when the Aircon is on, trying to maintain the home, putting shoes inside the shoe cabinet, offcourse between number of change of clothes- independence leads to this also. Vain boys.

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AA_Mom said...

Just curious, what time do you get home after work? You seem to pack a lot in after work, and am struggling in finding what is a good quality time w/ the kids