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Friday, May 07, 2010

So What Do You Want to Do Now?

"Nothing" said Tejas.
I have tried to bring about a focus in terms of holiday activity for the kids.
We did the summer camp within the complex for 2 weeks after which most kids went off for their vacation and we had to bring the camp to a halt.
I bought practice books- alphabets in english, hindi, Tamil, color books and activity books.
We bought crayons and paint boxes and put sets of pencil, eraser and sharpener in their new pencil boxes gifted by N Mausi.
We have also stocked up on lots of books to be read.
While we have been doing all this writing and activity, the pace of it has been slow.
Because the husband believes that if I force them, they will begin to hate studies (i touched a raw nerve somewhere maybe!)
Not that the kids are not busy- they are occupied all the time, playing outside, indulging in mud play or imagined play with their toys and with each other. Or watching TV.
And lots of cricket with the Dad who has been rigorously coaching him- so much so that the kids were eagerly analysing Tendulkar's play- Dadda, is he playing straight bat or cross bat?
And they have taken breaks in Pondicherry and Bangalore etc too.
They got to see their first circus at Pondicherry (I did not accompany them so no post)- but from what I heard, they saw lots of animals (no tiger or lions) and the elephant played cross bat and straight bat cricket.
We have progressed with our Hindi alphabets- the vowels- and they are easy because the basic shapes are not unique. They have even begun to identify lots of sight words - the oft repeated ones and sometimes I am lulled into believing that they are actually reading.
And today, just a moment ago, as Tejas completed 2 sheets of work and I asked him what he wanted to do- he says "Nothing" - and I let him do just that- which includes snacking, watching TV, jumping on my bean bag and kissing me repeatedly, fiddling with the invertor, and and now playing together with their soft toys and talking to each other theaterically in English.
So nothing is something all together! (which incidentally Ojas specializes in)!


How do we know said...

oh well.. thats a LOT of nothing.. :-)

Gayatri said...

- Wow....
- here I am trying to engage one almost-5yr-old and ur doing excellent with two....awesome
- maybe its easier when there are two????..i wonder....

Itchingtowrite said...

yes Gayatri- easier with 2 really!