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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Weekend in Bangalore

Soemhow I associate holidays with food- lots of them- even food that I may otherwise not eat due to weight issues- I somehow feel that during a holiday you must eat all you can.
Infact the eating began much before the holiday started- met AD at GRT Azulia over a huge lunch of some great stuff which translated in English means- Mutton shanks and Keema and kababs.
Bangalore was all fun - we drove down the scenic highway admiring the hills and the greenery and the clear roads- and the drive was very easy simply because I was not doing the driving- the superman (husband) was.
The kids were as good as gold- reading, snacking and sleeping throughout the drive. Ojas particuarly doesn't need any excuse to go to sleep.
And I was focusing on my book, snacks and offcourse weaving all that I saw into long posts. Which I promptly forgot after the drive was over.
We stayed in a hotel which the kids loved simply because they discovered the bubble bath there. They want to come back to Bangalore and in particular to the hotel again for the sake of the bubble bath. Who says being shallow is not hereditary?
And what exactly did we do in Bangalore?
The husband had a late night meeting there and that's why we went. But the rest of us tagged along so that we could get a break and meet friends.
We had a huge lunch of chicken tandoori, mutton shanks at Samarkand in Infantry Road.
We met ArtNavy family and D over dinner at Art's place and it was just like old times. The decor was familiar, the people were well known, only the setting had changed. The kids also had no trouble from starting off from where they had left. We ate and chatted late into the night and as the husband went off for his meeting, the kids and me went off to dreamland and geared up for the next day.
The result was that while we were totally refreshed, the husband was not and therefore we had no time but to visit the aerospace museum, which the kids assured me they liked- proof was that they wanted to play with the pair of squirrels, loved touching the aircrafts and loved the airplane models we bought for them.
Lunch was with D again at a lovely restaurant- lots of fish and chicken and coffee with K's friend at Coffee Day -where else.
Dinner was at my dear friend's house and here again, the kids bonded exteremely well with my friend's kid and that was very heartening because we expect our kids to be great friends with our friends.
The kid was a total charmer- he totally drew my kids to him and I sincerely believe this much needed trait is a rarity.
We ate yummy mutton adn chicken curry with biriyani and as expected chatted till late into teh night.
Seriously for the first time, I was sad to leave Bangalore- an emotion I feel only when I leave from Delhi to Chennai.


Praveen said...

You were in B'lore?!
Would have loved to meet the twins!

Anonymous said...

Tunday kababs wth paranthas@koramangla
bombay post @airport rd..kababs r good n also try their biryani
brunch @leela
pastry @daily bread n kalakand @anand sweets