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Friday, February 19, 2010

Winter is Cool but Summer is Nice too

I love Chennai winters. It's cool without being brrrr cold requiring layers and layers of woolens, there is a nice nip in the air and the kitchens are not sweaty at all. The kids (and their father) can play during the mid morning hours without feeling the heat of the sun (and at the same time be out of my hair)! Except for the dust, it also feels good to drive with the windows rolled down.
Part of the reason we had our wedding held in Chennai was because the December weather would be a welcome escape to people travelling from the North.
Well, starting yesterday, I have begun to switch on the A/C at night, the kids are sweaty all over everytime they do a little running race and I do not even want to talk about the kitchen. Yet I refuse to acknowledge that winter is over so soon.
Except for the fact that I can also do one thing that I like about summer.
I can leave office while the soft rays of the setting sun are reflecting on the cars and reach home while it is still enevin (evening in Ojas Tejas speak)- which means the kids are happy as their only complaint during winter is-
Mamma tum enevin mein ghar aao, night mein nahin aao (Mamma, you come home during the evening not at night)


dipali said...

I'm glad you can get home in daylight! Otherwise, it's a long hot summer ahead:(

Jayashree said...

i have the same feeling's still too early for summer to start.