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Friday, February 05, 2010

मुझे नींद आ रही है

तो हाथी कैसे सोते हैं?

We find out in Tulika books " I am so Sleepy"

Bahadur the baby elephant is very sleepy but has forgotten how to sleep. So he goes around asking his friends how to sleep. Each animal tells him to sleep in his or her style but Bahadur moves on as his memory tells him that

हाथी ऐसे नहीं सोते

Will Bahadur remember how he was supposed to sleep?Join this cute baby elephant in his journey through the forest meeting all the familiar characters like Shanmugam, Hutoxi etc.
Mommy tip- I always ask the kids to describe and interpret what they see in the pages. So if the Sun is painted yellow it means it ought to be morning and not evening as the evening sun is orange in our parts!
pic courtsey - Tulika Books


Hip Grandma said...

Finally how did bahadur sleep?Makes me want to go back in time.

Itchingtowrite said...

no spoilers Hip Grandma!! read the book!!!
basically- he does not sleep full day like the lion or on the tree like a monkey or on a rock in the water like a croc, or inside a burrow like rabbit or in the sand like camel or in the sticky soil like pigs but may like how a horse does...