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Monday, February 08, 2010

Signs that You are Finally Morphing into a Mom

1. The kids go in denial when they see the photos of a 2 year old you with your Mom- they mutter even in their sleep- Mamma you cannot be small, you are big
2. Your handbag contains stuff like- chocolates, pencil, eraser, a toy car, multiple hankies, sketch pen, kid's waterbottle etc
3. Your office table has a piece of crayon which came along with your laptop bag. And you leave it there because either you do not want to throw it away or you actually like doodling with it
4. You start writing with pencil again
5. The last 5 book reviews on your blog are that of kids' books.
6. You are enjoying kids' birthday parties
7. You rush the kids to the toilet if anyone speaks any word that remotely resembles 'Potty"
8. Everyone banks on you to get the kids' nose cleaned and you are a pro at it now and take special pride in nosie-less noses.
9. Your home is strewn with children's books
10. You are sleeping comfortably on rubber cloth with toys poking at you, kiddy books falling out from under your pillows and err no pillows - that too.
11. You can take the kids to the loo in the middle of the night and promptly fall back asleep
12. You have forgotten and forgiven the kids for sleepless nights and you find it hard to remember that you were really breastfeeding almost throughout the night in the good old days. And you certainly do not remember how, with great difficulty you would make the kids go back to sleep afte rthey woke several times in the middle of the night.
13. You forget that inspite of (12) above, you would go to office next morning in the good old days and inspite of (11) above now, you still feel you do not get enough sleep!
14. You stopped watching real TV and watch only cartoons or Animal Planet
15. You are extremely regular about the evening going out with the kids in the apartment



The Bald Guy said...

I'm all smiles.

Smiles said...

Perfect sign list!!
Agree with all points but best one if 7 & 11. I am surprised at myself sometimes..:)

I like your blogs...

R's Mom said...

You got it just so right :):)