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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Can Dinosaurs Come into our Living Room

Asks Tejas.
happe to mention that a dino is bigger than our house. That reassured him a bit since he says- so then they cannot come inside our house.

The kids are doing Dinosaur month in school.
Ojas comes home and tells me that they are supposed to colour a picture of a dinosaur.
I started shaking in my shoes at the prospect of looking for a dino pic so I asked Ojas back- where will I get a pic of a dino?
Says Ojas- exasperatedly- from the net!
Not bad. I came to know of the word internet during my MBA days.
So anyway, I drew a dino which was a cross between the camel photograph from Snoring Shanmugam book and a dino (err I hope) and they colored it in brown and black etc and took it to school.

As a follow up, I showed them bits of Jurassic Park.
Ojas had a fun time shooting at the dinos with laser light noise gun and Tejas was still saying I am scared
Ojas reassured him with his clear simple logic- don't worry, they canoot do anything, beech mein plastic hai- there is plastic (TV Screen) in between!

While on topic, the Walt Disney Dinosaur is way pleasing to us - we watched it on TV last month. A dino egg gets displaced and the newbie dino is brought up by lemurs. As catastrophes drive them out of their haunt, they join a herd of (veggie) dinos who are also looking for a new haunt with lots of water. Watch how they traverse the long, challenging and difficult journey sweetened with the young dinos love story who has till then never fallen in love as living among lemurs he couldn't find someone of his type.
Thisis a good hearted dino and hence very kid & adult friendly. Do catch it if you can!
I love the last line of the movie- we do not not what change lies ahead for us but we can only hope that our time here be remembered
Isn't this particular sentiment true for each one of us?

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Prarich said...

Haha Ojas will teach u everything and take care of little bro too..