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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Big School

No no they are not old enough to go there.
Practice for annual day is in full swing and the sons have to be sent to the big school for the final practice week- where the annual day will be held during the weekend.

Being the type who still gets lost in her own office campus, the husband accompanied me on school drop on day 1. I could barely contain my excitement at the prospect of finally getting to see the big school campus.

With the proverbial bated breath I waited to catch the first glimpse (like the girls of Malory Tower of Enid Blyton fame). Will it do justice to my anticipation?

I cannot explain the joy I felt at seeing the colourful building, sprawling campus, huge playground and impeccably maintained campus with a professional reception- something different from the usual school offices! The entire frontage took my breath away.

I have been cribbing about the fees that is touching sky high but perhaps my solace is that in exchange I am giving the kids a worldclass experience of 15 years - a phase that they will like to look back with delight, fondness and pride- just like the way I do when I look back at my school years.
"Fingers Crossed!"
I met a mother of a student studying there last evening who said- my son is very happy here and that is all that matters to me.


Jayashree said...

Ultimately, the kids' happiness is what counts.

Gayatri said...

- Hmmm looks like its annual day season :)...achu's school is having it this friday and he's in the Japanese material for saturday in the making :b
- The 'which school' decisions are always so complex these days....
- which school are u talking about...if I may ask...which I did :D....may I know?