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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Top Things That Irritate Me The Most

IBH very helpfully sent this link which made me abandon my original idea of doing a book post today and pitching in with my own list.
That it looks very similar to the original is not coincidental.
  1. Wet towel left on the bed or chair
  2. Celebrating Diwali on all days- Lights/ fan left on in the rooms
  3. Drip drip drip- taps left dripping
  4. Leaving dishes and boxes uncovered
  5. Not wiping the countertop or table after use
  6. Leaving electrical appliance main switch on or the mosquito mat on for the entire day
  7. Shoes left outside right next to the shoe cupboard
  8. Spilling food/ beverage etc inside the fridge and not wiping it
  9. Clothes strewn on the floor
  10. Curtains not opened during the day and windows not closed during the evening
  11. Exhausting supplies and not telling me so I meet an empty box when I am ready to cook
  12. Tiffin box not given for wash
  13. Handwash bottle not refilled
  14. Beakfast and Lunch morphing into one meal- they take so long to eat that one ends and the other begins!
  15. Wardrobe gone haywire - nightwear mixed with daywear, pants and shirts piled in one bundle and undergarments found among shirts.

Ah well, I could go on and on. But yes, I am taking steps in the direction of reducing my burden

For starters, on most days my kids are made to dump their clothes in the washing machine, put their toys or books away and put their shoes inside the shoe cupboard.

Weekends and holidays and dinners are eat yourself days. Though the duration of time I spend in screaming - eat eat, chew chew it will be easier to just stuff their faces. But I am persevering and hoping that the day they self eat comes soonest

Self dressing and self taking a change of clothes.

Helping me in doing the bed sheets, arranging the pillows.

They do a mean job with folding clothes. I am thinking I could make them do that everyday! Probably they could even start arranging their cupboards!!

Clean your mess drive- they do a mean jhaadoo after making a mess of the living room. Anti Child labour guys- be damned! You don't have kids at home is my guess.

Setting their table with their placemats for their dinner

Taking out bowls and spoons etc if they need to eat something.

Brushing their teeth by themselves during weekends.

Doing their daily ritual of body lotion application by themselves.

Yes the little things do matter!

What's your list of annoying habits (in others)!


The Bald Guy said...

This has to be a mother's list for sure! :)

IBH said...

yours,mine and the list - all same bald guy says..coz we are all mums? no! i think these are all very basic stuff that a person can expect...:)

and koff koff @11 :)

Itchingtowrite said...