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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Eecha Poocha

Another cumulative tale this time in Hindi based on a Malayalam tale, published by Tulika Books- Eecha (fly) and Poocha (cat) make a delicious kanji but they cannot scoop it without a spoon. Eecha flies off to get a Jackfruit leaf and Poocha - typical of cats, cannot control himself and empties the entire kanji into her tummy.
As a result the tummy swells up - the process of which is illustrated too!
The tale follows a logical sequence as Poocha goes around asking help from animal to the animal's caretaker boy and so on to other objects ....for bringing her tummy back to size.

The cumulative tale format gives the kids a chance to participate by repeating the words page after page and therefore makes it totally interactive.
The wordbirds explain the origin and meaning of regional words - things like how traditionally kanji is eaten with a jackfruit leaf.

pic courtsey- Tulika


Just Like That said...

Hey! Sonny boy likes this one!!

ashokscape said...

Hi Mom of twins!
This is the illustrator of Eecha Poocha. That was my first published book and I am very proud of it. :)