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Friday, October 02, 2009

Term Report

A little overdue. I had every intention of posting it as soon as I was done with the PTA meeting but somehow I realized I couldn't recall what they were marked on. And since most of them were developing/ established, I never bothered really as the teacher did not ask me to reinforce anything at home.
But yes, things are coming back in pieces to me and as I recall, the most interesting part was the page that the teacher showed me which contained all that they answered during question time.
Tejas had mentioned he likes banana & apple and Ojas had mentioned he likes juice (while it is actually the opposite). They had named healthy foods, seasons and various other concepts that were being covered in class.
There is one thing that I am worried about however. Ojas is definitely seen as a star with great grasping power and eagerness to and quickness in writing and completing his work. Whereas Tejas is seen as the more laidback, non proactive type!
A little unfair because I know that in reality, Tejas is as enthusiastic as Ojas and in a crowd, he tends to withdraw into his shell.
There are days he comes complaining that while Ojas got 2 stars, he got only a single one or none. While it breaks my heart, I really cannot judge the teacher as I am sure she is being objective. And as perceptions go, they are a little difficult to change.
Probably thats why they say that twins should be in different classes as one tends to overshadow the other and one may get too comfortable in the presence of the other and not make an effort at all, even in making friends.
Maybe in time my baby will understand how to market himself! Or maybe not, because his Mamma is exactly like him...diffident, never gives away her abilities, so much so that her own classmates in college were shocked that she was among the only 6 who competed in the placement entrance exams in college for a particular software company.
And off course I am not worried about Ojas as he is exactly like his Dadda- charmer, maintains a good reputation of himself, super confident and outgoing.


Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

I can identify with what you are going through.

My EO and the Nephew study in the same class, the same school. Even though they are in different sections, comparisons already tend to arise and yes, it is heart-breaking.

I'm sure things will work out, for you as well as me when they each come into their own :)

Anonymous said...

Dont worry so much my friend, I think I know you since KG days and like you have written, you rose far ahead than most of the traditionals. Plus they are too young. My suggestion is to put them in different schools, so they will learn to get out of their comfort zones. I could be no expert. But , trust me, its too soon to worry!


Lavanya Sriram said...


May be you could consider putting them in different sections? Make a request to the school? My BIL has twins and they are in the US. The schools there, they make it a point to put them in diff sections. They are not allowed to be in the same class. This way, they make new friends, interact more and as the teachers are also diff for them, it is a good setup and working out well.

itchingtowrite said...

NS/ Lavs- actually the school gave usa choice and we opted for same section as they are v co dependent. such as they miss each other worry if they r not together. so we decided we will put them in diff sections later . but in class teacher asks them to sit with other people...

Nagesh.MVS said...

MAke New Friends is the Imporatnt thing in school.
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Devasena Hariharan said...

Hi Itchy, you know what, lots of friends in my office have been talking about this PTA. Just was thinking that u didn;t post abt it.

Just last week, was surprise, my friend's daughter(2 years old) in preschool had her PT meeting. Both parents went for it.

All over I keep hearing about it. Its PTA season I suppose -:)

Prarich said...

Ojas is a 'people' boy while Tejas is a 'things' boy.Both are bright babies..Tejas likes being pricey in proving himself immediately.His stars will come too, if not right away!

apu said...

Yeah - perhaps when they are older, you could put them in different sections. My school put my my twin and me in diff sections from class 5.I think it does help, esp if both children are of quite different natures, which we were.