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Monday, October 26, 2009

Isn't My Life Full?

Diwali and Vijaydashmi were milestone events with a whole host of cooking and planning I have attended 2 birthday parties this month.
Planned and executed a large do for the company.
Decluttered the office room

I have 2 major official trips to take the following 2 months
The kids' birthday party needs to be executed - and this has a theme too!
Atleast 3 dinners to be done at home
A lunch or 2 is due
Shopping for the trips
I have major plans to revamp my kitchen menus & perfect my baking among other things
Declutter by November end
Revamp the home
Revamp the garden and add more color
Weight Loss
Plan a family holiday

And among the above things, I have a job to do, friends to catch up with, neighbours to socialize with, family to talk to.
So why am I complaining and sweating the small stuff?

As hubby says- Think of the bigger picture, move ahead and not become part of the problem!! Or rather let not the problem overshadow the above blessings!!


Anonymous said...

So true! I always remember the example of Hanuman... how, when he could not find Sanjeevani herb grew bigger than the mountain(problem) and carried the whole mountain

Andy said...

Way to go lady!!

artnavy said...

Anush is waiting for the birthday party!!... and me for the brownie

Devasena Hariharan said...

Hi, I think you have already perfected your baking skills.

Those brownies were really superb and of extraordinary taste! Really, if i had given it to someone to taste, they would have said that it was from a professional baker.

I think all bloggers will bombard you for your brownies now on -:)

Mama - Mia said...


yup yup! always good to count the blessings!

Gayatri said...

Exactly...sometimes life is jus fine the way it is....we are blessed and we need to be thankful

U've got busy months ahead...loads of blogable matter :D

I tally with the declutter bit and (whisper) weight loss bit ;)

IBH said...


Beth Dargis said...

Great work so far! I'm sure the parties will be wonderful.
Enjoy your friends and family!

Itchingtowrite said...

misformommy- true!!! clever fella!
andy, mama mia- yo
art- soon soon
deva- thanks
gayatri- isn't that the crux of the matter (bloggable ie)
IBH- phew indeed
beth- welcome to my space!