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Thursday, October 15, 2009

On Ayudha Puja Day

We washed our cycles in the garden with lots of water.
Then did the puja with fire and flowers and the works.

We had the Bihari Daal bharke paratha and the South Indian Navratri special Sundals and Malpua - or what Mamma says is called Malpua- she really needs to perfect them- else Bihari ke naam pe kalank hai!

Updated Diwali List

-A colleague just gifted me a whopping box of crackers containing 35 different packs of crackers. I am passing on most of them to the maid and have asked the neighbour to not buy any this year. They also have small kids and will mostly not enjoy bursting them! And my kids are too chicken anyway!

- Serial lights purchased and mounted on the windows. Ojas was not very happy about it initially as he thought the frog may come and take the lights away. But now they are very excited about them Got the "100 rice" string for Rs 60 and a 36 LED bulb string for 90 bucks! But methinks I should get another string or 2 to decorate a couple of more windows. Suddenly the lights do not seem enough.

-The kids carried a box of sweet each today to school and were in their traditional attire.

-Made a box of "nimki" and purchased some murukku and banana chips. I think I am done.

-Got 2 delicious boxes of sweets from the office. On paper I am still keen to make gulabjamuns. Lets see!

1 comment:

Mama - Mia said...

me planning to buy just phooljhadi and some anaars considering Cubby is a chicken too and i dont even know if he is gonna step out with all the bombs blasting away! :(

and awesome ayudh puja celebs! :) and the food looks yum!