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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

En Route East Coast Road

As we were overtaking a bus, I couldn't help but manage to see an ugly seen of a person vomiting out of the window.
I exclaimed- eeew he is vomiting.
Said Ojas, the ever attentive- kaun kiya vomit
Mamma- woh bus mein
Ojas- vomiting kaa color kya thaa
Mamma- not wanting to dwell on it- cheee pataa nahin
Ojas- Brown thaa ?
Mamma- Haan brown (not wanting to remember that actually it was yellow- eew)
Ojas- Vomiting kaa smell kaisa thaa
Mamma- *puke puke*
And this went on in 20 minute intervals

And here's another sample-
Ojas- Humlog kahan jaa rahe hain?
Mamma- Chennai
Ojas- nahin ..birthday mein (as per plan)
Mamma- haan birthday mein
Ojas- kiska birthday?
Mamma- Surya
Ojas- kaun Surya?
And so on......every 20 minute interval

And in a party...
Mamma- Tejas don't sit on that chair- that is aunty's chair
Ojas- Kaun aunty?
Mamma- Nila aunty
Ojas- Nila aunty kaa name kaise hota hai?
Mamma- N- I- L- A
Ojas- N I L A..repeats n number of times
Mamma- Tejas I told naa it is aunty's chair
Ojas- Kaun Aunty.....
And the series continued despite the fact that he had just memorised the spelling of the said aunty.

Mamma- on phone- you know Ojas was discussing color and smell of vomit
Ojas happened to walk in
Ojas- Mamma, Ojas kya bola?
And the series continuation is inevitable


Sumo said...

Sounds exactly like my 3yr old second daughter. I have had a similar experience on Potty!.
And when she cannot pick anything to ask questions on, she would start 'What is baby doing?' then follow it up with 'What did baby ask', ' why', 'what did mamma say' .....

Monika,Ansh said...

lol........your boys are adorable

AA_Mom said...

OMG! OMG! can't believe this Apple is the same. Angel little bit but together they suck all my thinking power out.

Endless litany of questions and things like potty, puke and such get special attention. Have to answer dozens of questions about new people, new places over and over and over. Their way of indicating they do not like the answer is to repeat the question n number of times.

They get into overdrive esp when it is time to sleep or write HW and these 2 times I run low on patience.

Cld asl well hv written a post on it instead of eating into ur space here:)

The Print Lover said...

haha.. the last bit - Is he referring to himself in the third person?

Uma said...

LOL! Can relate to this LOL! I can imagine how tired you would have been!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Ewwww! You had to point out the vomit bit to them! That's asking for it!!

Itchingtowrite said...