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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Diwali

The mood was a little too buoyant this diwali. I was a little over excited this time and prepared well in advance - buying lights, lamps, clothes, making plans & lists. More so because we became parents on Diwali morning! Which is why make a little extra effort on Diwali and try to make it a little more special.

So this time we lit up 3 windows using serial lights - our bedroom
and the living room

and even that did not seem enough.

I made (semi-disaster) gulabjamuns (no pics that's why) & easy laddoos, nimki, kadhi (another first), paneer, among other things- over a period of last few days. The sofas had already got a makeover And we put new bedspreads too to add to the festive feel- a traditional applique one in the bedroom and a festive orange in the other room.

We did the flower rangoli for the first time- using marigold and jasmine. The marigold on the ends of the star are the kids' idea. They enthusiasticaly did the flower decor along with me.

The highlight of the day was the gharaunda. A cardboard home on which we would do the Laxmi puja. Ojas & Tejas were most excited about this part. They were peeping through the door like an oversized Alice in the rabbit's home! And pushing their arm through the tiny windows. They decorated the house with animals and cars - do not miss the spider on the window, monkeys on the tree behind, aiming for the banana on the terrace and the fish pond in pink with their plastic fish towards the side!
(Offcourse after arranging all this I went for a nap inside the room and the kids pushed the entire setting in the room and began playing with the toys and the house), apart from eating the lava -mudhi even before the puja- from lunch itself.

We did the Ganesh- Laxmi puja & the Tulsi puja wearing our Diwali finery and then lit the lamps, apart from attacking with renewed energy on the lava (Tejas) & Mudhi (Ojas).
Check my floating candles

Matka lamps painted in a red bandhni print
Lamp & Lanterns
Lamp on a metal frame (courtsey sis) Lamps on the flower decor

Lamp on stick & cloth frames & the hanging terracota lamp on the side
A bit of cracker ….the fingers never really came off the ears…


dipali said...

Awesome pics- looks like a wonderful Diwali for you and your family. Great.

Mona said...

aw itchy, gorgeous pics. i love the boys' outfits!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

You certainly celebrated to the fullest! The pictures are wonderful and I love the boys in their kurtas and handsome!!

Sue said...

Boy, did you make an effort this year, Itchy. Pujo is special for me and Diwali for you. :)

The house looks lovely and the boys look very grown up in their dhutis.

How do we know said...

beautiful post!!! Happy Diwali to u too!!

artnavy said...

ojas tejas look lovely in the kurta dhotis

and all that effot - everyhting looks splendid

next diwali i will visit you- :-))

itchingtowrite said...

thanks Dips

Thanks Mona, MMMM-- (I love the outfit too!! saving it for b'day to maximise the wearing occassions. removed it right after the puja

Sue- thanks!!
and efforts left me flat on my face next day- no energy at all

how do we- happy diwali dear!

Art- offcourse- i was most depressed that no one was there to appreciate the efforts and even more annoyed that the neighbour dropped in before i lit the lamps!!!

Monika,Ansh said...

HAPPY DIWALI. Loved the celebrations & decor at your house. :)
Ojas & Tejas look great :)

Just Like That said...

The twins look CUTE in their traditional wear and that bedspread is lovely as is the house all decorated up.
Missed wishing you, glad it was happy. :-)

Itchingtowrite said...

thanks JLT!! wish u too!

the mad momma said...

oh my - look at my handsome babies in their dhotis. the house looks lovely babe...