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Monday, August 24, 2009

Word Challenge

Played- on a difficult to get sleep night with the kids. Word antakshari.
Started with A for Apple, passed on the last letter to the other one- E for...
I was surprised that the words that were thrown up were not the common ones that we normally tell when we are playing A for, B for...
A for Astronaut, D for Dinosaur, Y for yellow, W for water, M for Money, R for Rainbow, V for Volcano, T for Teddy, ...
We came to R for and Ojas had to answer
Tejas- hints- that which we wear on the finger
Ojas- ring

Then question to Tejas- G for
Ojas hints- that which we wear on hands
None of us could guess- Gloves

We had run out of words for T so I hinted- where you go susu
Tejas- delighted- BED!

I had a calendar with scented strips. Exposed the kids to the odours and I loved the way they could relate to the various odours- A floral rose smell was identified as "cream" by Ojas (Pond's?) Citrus was identified as juice (Tejas) And lavender as "deo"!
I am pretty chuffed that way!


Monika,Ansh said...

That's a great idea for educational game!! & well done kids!

Just Like That said...

LOL at bed :-D

IBH said...

that was lovely :) I am trying it for sure..and was taken aback by the way you narrated the other night :)

oh! btw, our relatively easier educations game is counting the number of autos she sees on the road while going to school..counting only blue cars ,red cars and so on :) and she is very good with it :) and another game that i love is guessing the would be apt for Tejas and Ojas....make them sit on ur lap...and at their back...start writing the alphabets and let them guess it...and also make words out of it and ask them to put it is a fun way to learn words..i taught this to my neices and they loved it :) it i too early for Kaju though :)

itchingtowrite said...

IBH- that alphabet thing is also fun... we used to do that in school

Mama - Mia said...

awesome!! and you have every reason to be chuffed! :D


dipali said...

Too cute! Susu in bed:)

Poppy said...

Oh we love that game here too:)
Hilarious about the bed :)