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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Signs of a Commited/ Incorrigible Blogger

1. When you ask the blogger about a dinner or an event or a party, (s)he will more often than not tell you - I have already posted about it, read it on the blog".
2. The blogger will have posts organised and scheduled for auto posting and at any given point of time there are atleast 3 posts on schedule and many more on draft.
3. The said committed blogger will be on the look out for blogging opportunities at all times and be fully prepared with camera / phone camera always. Often will fret for days if a photo was missed and therefore the post is not complete in her/ his opinion. If anonymous, will take care to click pictures in profile or with face hidden so that it is bloggable. At some points, will never have proper photos- only bloggable ones.
4. Will chide close friends and relatives for not visiting and commenting on the blog.
5. Will forward related posts to relevant people - just incase they haven't already read it.
6. Will be ever-ready to go for experiences or take time from busy schedule to explore a little know store or even organise stuff for the sake of blogging.
7. Will note down blogworthy stuff for posterity if the computer is not handy at that moment.
8. Will be such a committed scribe that even friends will say- never mind, I will check the blog tomorrow to know what happened (in the party)
9. When asked on dates of some milestone or incident, the blogger will not try to recall, instead, will straight check in the blog for the details.
10. Will do craft work/ cooking/ open gifts stage wise and keep photographing every stage for the sake of the blog post.
11. It will serve as an alternate means of communication - may even be easier to elicit a response via the blog than the phone from the blogger

Add on to the list please....


Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

I am kind of guilty of numbers 1 and 7 and very guilty of number 5!

Monika,Ansh said...

I am very guilty on Number 3. I guess we all are :)

Rohini said...

Nice list. Most don't apply to me though. I should probably do on the signs of an intermittent blogger :(

Mama - Mia said...

i still dont have cam phone!! bad sign! hehe!

but lot of times i take just that extra picture to give the punchline to the post! :D


Uma said...

Interesting list. I'm not guilty of any of these yet though... maybe I'll pick up some of those traits along the way :)

The Print Lover said...

ROFL at #10.

And ditto uma. Im guessing I'll be nodding to most of these if I stick to blogging for a while.

Tharini said...

Lol. I do believe you're right! Uncannily right! :D

Gayatri said...

12. Will write a blog tagged 'jus like that'jus to keep the blog rolling ;D

jus kidding :b....loved reading thru ur blog ...don't ask me how I reached it 'cause I don't know how!!! new to science of bloggyology but I aspire to become one of THE 'commited' kind ..wish me luck co-blogger

itchingtowrite said...

so i am not the only wierdo
gayatri- agree!!

Gayatri said... ur not buddy...the population is rising every minute :D

Phoenixritu said...

No you definitely arent. I have about 3 drafts kept aside, some in my diary to work on .....

Another sign is the sheer relief at getting tagged. It means that I dont have to search of things to write on and my blog gets updated

Usha said...

Hilarious. We have all been through some or all of these stages -haven't we?