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Thursday, August 13, 2009

On Why You are a Great Husband

This tag had been doing the rounds and I was waiting to take it up on this day.
So very quickly, these are the nicest things the husband has done for me.
1. Cherish the very things on myself that I hate - my tummy for instance- even go to the extent of saying that he married me for that reason
2. Never ever going for boys only night- even decided to ditch a stag party for us
3. Come with me for every Hindi movie I drag him to and not forcing a "Madrasi" movie on me- and even proactively rent Hindi DVD's
4. Being the Vacuum Manager of the home and never hesitating to clean up the home when the help has vamoosed
5. Being a good Dad (I was shocked that you could wash the kids' bums more expertly than me- I mean, that is not allowed.. Mamma is supposed to be better in all these stuff)
6. Eating what I cook and even better for liking bread, fruits and maggie without any additions.
7. Being my advocate when I do the dinners- for proudly presenting and describing what I cook to the guests
8. Being my "social" support- The success of my social gatherings are largely because you are a good conversationalist- Forget that you may just manage to talk the pants off other people!
9. Coming with me to my blog parties
10. Participating actively in my shopping
11. Getting me correctly fitting jeans & trousers-now that's a feat I must say
12. Coming with me for all doctor appointments
13. Always encouraging me in my work- even when I want to give up
13 good things about you this 13th of August
Happy Birthday Darling... Here's wishing you success in your venture!


Monika,Ansh said...

Aww..Happy Birthday to your hubby. Hope u make him read this!!

The Rat... said...

wat?? y day ur bday? and today his???

wadiya hai! aish hai!!!
convey my "Happy" birthday wishes to him..

does this mean i get another mangled cake if i drop in today?? :-O

Itchingtowrite said...

MA- off course- i ensured that!
T Rat- off course.. but i will try my best to not get it mangled today

The Inquisitive Akka said...

That's sooooo sweet, just a day between your birthdays!!!!Wish him a very very happy birthday on my behalf and I hope you are being as romantic today as he was yesterday!!

aanchal said...

yr blogs are a feast to my mind always..this one is the best of all..its so heartwarming to see how u can see and appreciate yr husband's efforts..most wives take these things for granted..keep writing..i mean, itch itch itch and write write write!!

Rohini said...

Such a cute post :)

Happy birthday to the hubby

How do we know said...

Hey Happy Birthday to both of you!!

What is your husband into?

Uma said...

This reminds me that I should be thanking mine for the vacuuming among other things :-)
Jealous on point no 10 though - mine hates the shopping trips!

dipali said...

Happy Birthday to Mr.Itchy!

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Happy, happy birthday pappa of twins!! Good luck in all your ventures.

And Itchy, you've got quite a keeper there!

Monika said...

wishing him happy birthday and just a day between ur bdays? itchy when is ur bday because mine was on 15th ;-)

happy birthday to u too :) :)

and i have been thinking of doing this tag too will do it today only

Itchingtowrite said...

the husband thanks profusely for the wishes. I made him read each and every one of these