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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

On Neatness

I have been observing for a while how Tejas prefers everything clean and ship-shape.
Some recent examples-
1. I spilled water on his sandals- he immediately began to fret- paani giraya? yeh mera naya sandal thaa (you dropped water? they were my new sandals)
2. The new improved uniform seems to be running color. He spread our his T shirt and said- some body has dirtied my uniform
3. He is extremely particular about the proper fold of his blanket. I normally place the blanket on the foot of the bed when I ready the bed for the night. And usually it is just carelessly thrown in the general direction of where both of them would sleep. Tejas will immediately straighten it out and place it in a smooth, neat rectangle.
4. He loves to fold whatever hanky or napkin he happens to find- very neatly.
5. And he is spelling his name by memory. I am pleasantly surprised and proud.
6. Ojas & Tejas got a star each in their diary- Ojas for colouring and Tejas for finishing up his snacks. And the surprise is that they have been getting stars for their homeworks also! I am proud of you babies. Okay, I know they are not great artists but I like the school's philospophy. They sent a note saying that as parents we must not force or expect perfection straight lines, coloring perfectly within the lines or drawing neat pictures.
7. On a funny note, Ojas wakes up one morning and says- how did my pajamas become yellow? they were blue naa (He slept through his pajama change sometime in the middle of the night as he had wet them in bed- when will they get sleep trained ? (wail) )
8. They read/ heard the Yellow Gorilla on kindersite in which the gorilla eats only bananas and as a result turns yellow. To get back his original color he has to eat all other healthy foods also.
Today I gave the kids (yellow) banana and green apple in their snack box. And told them to eat them all up. They say I won't eat banana- I will become yellow! Talk about internalising the stories.


Monika,Ansh said...

cute :)

Uma said...

That's nice - that's also an incentive for lazy moms like me to be neat. Mine is quite happy to be messy ..but I have noticed taht she likes to be dry, even the loo has to be dry and frets about her hands being sticky etc.

Sue said...

Aw... they're growing up fast!

ganesh said...

little mr perfect:)

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

How delightful! Congrats proud mommy!

Itchingtowrite said...

thanks people!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats. Your kids are awesome,do share more stories about them. You write so well.