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Monday, August 10, 2009

De Clutter

Not exactly decluttering- but just plain old cleaning makes ones life feel much better.
The hubby yesterday vacuumed 2 rooms (thanks baby)- I off course intentionally do not know how to vacuum- just cannot believe the dust and grime we were living in.
I also did my bit of clearing one kitchen cupboard and decided (finally) that half the stuff in there is not needed and ruthlessly threw them away, before that stray thought could creep in that it could be used for something. For instance, the empty Ferrero Rocher boxes, they are too good to be thrown away. And just cries for some re-use.
I could store my jewelry there but then what to do about the multiple jewel boxes I have?
Medicines? That's an idea, I could throw away the Godiva box in which I keep my stash of biochemic medicines currently. Ah, decluttering opportunity.
Envelopes, cards, letters- Nah we email nowadays
Color pencils, sketch pens... ah may be if only they would take lesser space in the cupboard.
Bangles- the box is too slim, takes lots of space and may just open without to much force.
The box is too good and I think I am going to pick it back from the trash bag.


Monika,Ansh said...

lol........reminds me of Ansh's colou pencils lying in the Ferro Roshers box

Sue said...


Cuckoo said...

I know. I usually use it for storing rubber bands or pins or stationery items.

Suchismita said...

Hi, old habits die hard. I find it so hard to throw stuff. some of it is classified as reusable and some is senti stuff...must do it though... thanks for the reminder...

Uma said...

That's nice - that's also an incentive for lazy moms like me to be neat. Mine is quite happy to be messy ..but I have noticed taht she likes to be dry, even the loo has to be dry and frets about her hands being sticky etc.

Uma said...

hey, meant to post this on 'Neatness'