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Friday, August 21, 2009

Tantalising Taj

Andy & I had an enormous buffet lunch yesterday at the Taj Coromandal. Note the orchids on coal. But I do not have to lust after orchids anymore. I have some of my own now courtsey Andy! (Thank You)- detailed pics of the "potted plant gifts" will be shared later!
The Shubharambh was with the assortment of cheese (I love this part) and animal salads-
cheddar, gouda, salmon (fishy cheese- the one with the maroon layer on top) and the bright red one below (very alcoholic and ugh). Lamb, chicken and salmon cold cuts. The goblet has a single prawn with lotsa cheese dip & cabage- called prawn cocktail. The spoon has fish wrapped in spinach leaf and the bowl has fish again. Together with iced tea/ fruit cocktail- fantabulous!

Next we attacked the main course- more animal- dimsums, fish, chicken, (no lamb :((), potatoes- tandoori, kashmiri, you name them, we took them, and even paneer (not so great).
I even took 2 rounds of dahivada which provided tangy relief in between animals. If you are looking for rotis on my plate- they are not there. But Andy did try the chicken biriyai & tendeloin!
The grand finale the desserts-a s usual there was a sugarfree dessert too! I am repenting- there was a yummy sinful looking payasam that I did not take. I should have gone and loosened the churidaar strings while I was at it.
The tiny cup is chocolate-caramel tequila!! The large goblet is a chocolate/ vanilla souffle kind of thing- droolicious why didn't I take another one! damn this stupid stomach.
And all this was laced with gossip that began from 1.30 pm and went on till 6 pm!


Andy said...

And thank you for the treat and the company...that was one yummy afternoon!!

Monika,Ansh said...

OMG...........what an afternoon.

Now u had me lusting after an orchid plant. & I love the idea of orchid on coals. It looks so pretty!!How des it survive though without water?

Phoenixritu said...

Now this makes me hungry for the flowers and for the food, specially dessert! I have just had lunch but still ......

Mama - Mia said...

ooooh! i dunno what to be more jealous of? the idyllic afternoon with friend or the great food?! :)

Itchingtowrite said...

andy -pleasure was all mine- the coupon was all yours!

MA- beats me but orchids thrive on tree barks. so aerial roots an dall. so they are grown in coconut shells charcoal etc
hate water ogging and die in soil
and damn expensive plants.. the smallest- single stock, no clue which color / type flower and when will cost 100 bucks in pondy... never cud bring myself to buy the unknown but I hit jackpot as this one is with 4 stocks, already flowerd and 2 more are ready to flower!!

phoenix- hav now!
mama mia - both!!