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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Mr Men

Desigirl's Mr Strong & Mr Bump are quite a hit with Ojas & Tejas.

Mr Strong is ah well, extremely strong- strong enough to lift his home from the corner and get inside! The story is about how he rescues 100 sheep trapped in a soon to be flooded meadow (love the imagery, sheep, meadow....) by putting them all into a barn that he carried across. I love the drawing type illustrations - very cute.
Mr Bump is always having accidents. And one day in true K serial types- he loses his memory
Meanwhile Mr Ojas & Tejas are all territorial about their juice bottles- they get extremely annoyed when Dadda drinks up theirs- even a sip, and threaten him saying-
Dadda, shall I drink from your juice bottle (diet coke etc)? Why are you drinking mine?

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Rohini said...

We have quite a Mr Men and Little Miss collection too. We have a Mr. Strong too but a different one. And we have Mr. Bump too.