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Friday, July 31, 2009

Winnie the Pooh - A Sense of Fun

I picked up this nice book from Shree Books which is very apt to me because of my own involvement in the exploration of the senses.
The story is about the characters of the 100 acre wood who are helping in apple picking in Big ears' orchard - red, green & yellow apples. The story progresses to a point were Owl and Tigger discuss why this is like a feast for the senses- see, smell, hear, taste and touch (which incidentally the kids love to recite).
So it gets decided that each one will make something out of the apples which will tease the senses in some way or the other.
Each inhabitant makes some apple dish or the other like-sweet jelly, baked muffin, cider, sour apple candy, sticky honey apple, apple cinnamon candle, apple pie etc. But Tigger being Tigger, is the smartest of all. He brings out labeled vats, puts the stuff made by the others in each vat, blindfolds everyone and leads them to touch, smell, taste and guess what is inside the vat!
I loved this book not only for the concept but also for the delightful and colourful pictures which to me is extremely important in a children's book. The book is from EurobooksIndia, Published by Shree books and is available for Rs 50. I must look out for more books in this series.
I got mine at Word & Worths Besant Nagar - according to me, one finds good range of books there.
I also picked a Tom & Jerry from shree Books. The book is much loved by the kids but it did not cut ice with me. They tried in vain to capture the speed of the cat & mouse chase and in the process missed the fact that in a book, you need to take it a little slow. They could have captured the tomfoolery & tricks they employ for each other rather than just the chase.


Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

I'm a Pooh-crazy mommy, passing on the adoration to my two little brats. This book sounds fanastic and perfect for my YO!

Monika,Ansh said...

I love Pooh too & so does Ansh :)

Anonymous said...

Next change... priceless!!
I love your blog Mamma of Twins

Anonymous said...

Hi.. my comment was for the previous post.. mistake ho gaya!!

Rohini said...

We have this one, but it's part of a 5-in-1 book of Pooh stories. Will pick it up for your goondas if I see it around

itchingtowrite said...

M4, Ma- ;)
Ro- so sweet=- btw there are 15 in teh series!!
Mimi- thanks!

kbpm said...

I remember this one, its a good book, I like it too. There is one on shapes and colours too if I am not mistaken.

Mama - Mia said...

time to go book shopping! :D