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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Feeling 10 years younger and 20 kgs lighter more ways than one when I met a certain someone who has followed the calorie counting diet and become the kind of person who does not belong to our group and another someone who aptly says why we feel the said kgs & years lesser....
Ok, so cryptic and difficult to follow type of line of the day is over and dealt with so let me get down to the dirt ...
In simple terms we met in Coffee Day and gossiped about old times over lots of food and drinks and at the same time conspiring in many ways to make the thin-girl-who-does-not-belong to gain weight while we lose weight so as to reach a mid point of agreement atleast.
We also had the "good" fortune to eye witness a small drama which involved a school-girl-who-came-with-a-gang-of-5-guys-to-have-coffee types dashing off to the toilet, her parents and little brother banging on the toilet door, the girl eventually opening the door and walking off with the Dad!
It just made me wish that may my kids never feel the reason to lie or hide facts from me.
As if we have not eaten enough already, the next evening we met for dinner in Mainland China- I really kind of cannot figure out Mainland China- the same dish seems to taste different everytime we order- the lamb pepper roast to be precise. Anyway, the chicken lllypops were droolicious and we ordered a non spicy plate for the kids and they are just deep fried. I ordered the sinful brownie sizzler and to lessen the sin, shared half of it and the entire icecream with the kids. And oh, the wood that housed the sizzler smells delicious too.
But the hotel that houses the restaurant is badly in need of a facelift. So much so that the exit is mistaken for the entrance (which when we reached there was incidentally very dark, foreboding and without any security)


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