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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Mother of all Meets

Can I safely claim that it was so as there were people who particularly flew down to make the meet happen in a happening fashion.

DesiGirl and Boo (who was definitiely missed) are vacationing here, the mad momma was already in town, Sue & Dipali flew down from Calcutta, Ro with Blobbie flew down from Mumbai, Mallika & Kiran intended to do so but could not ( the intent definitely counts), and Poppin's Mom came from Bangalore!
From Chennai- we were IBH, Crazymum Nisha, Artnavy & Kenny.
We were plotting and planing for 7 months for July 19th and I can't believe it's over in a flash. Feels like the home is empty now as they all left right after lunch!!
We met at Barbecue Nation - got a room to ourselves!!! The room is henceforth named as Itchy's room for your records!!! As apparently some of them were directed to the same when they asked for the table booking! And that would be the room that overlooks the juice bar!
And there were gifts and more gifts!!!
The evening ended with a tiny cake (top left in the heavily edited collage) brought in honour of Ro & Blobbie!
What I am most touched about this one? The husbands were such good sports about it. Obediently coming with us and bonding with each other, Probably the piddly 5 of them talked with each other as much as the combined lot of us did!! And we girls do need the husbands to drive us around, take the kids to the toilet etc etc .... don't we?


Poppins said...

I see the beer made it to the collage :p

7 months? 7 months? *Goes off to think about that*

Monika,Ansh said...

Sounds great :)

Suki said...

OMG, I feel SO out of the loop!
Where did all the planning take place? :P

DAMN, wish I was there.

dipali said...

That was some meet, Itchy! I'm so glad I was there:)

itchingtowrite said...

yay isn't it Dips
poppy/ suki- but I thot the whole world new abt t- esp when kodi's mom mentioned in jan that she knows abt the mega meet!!!
monika A- ;)

Tharini said...

fantastic. It is now hereby concluded that Chennai is the official hot spot for blogger meets. And thats it! I am moving back. :D

Good for all you guys!

choxbox said...

sounds awesome itchy!

can recognize some of those in the pix :)

Itchingtowrite said...

yes tharini u must
Choxbox- yaa the kids, beer, kingfisher.. what else?LOL. wud hav loved to post non edited versions but can't!!!

choxbox said...

then e-mail pannu.

mummyjaan said...

Sounds like it was fun.