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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Small Is The New Big

Mamma- Eat your food, then only you will become big & strong
Tejas/ Ojas- I am small, I want to be small
Mamma- ok, eat and become small and strong.
Tejas then proceeds to measure his palm against mamma's palm to reassure himself that he is indeed small and will eat only if he feels the need to become smaller.

Tejas- Dadda is chee chee because he has hair on his hands and face
Mamma- But even Tejas has hair on his hands. Proceeds to tug at a few hairs on his arms to make her point, (yes I am evil)
Tejas- clearly shocked at realizing that he has hair on his arms.
composes himself very quickly and says- But I am small naa (which makes it ok to have hair or makes the hair less yucky to him)


richajn said...

Those two do keep you fully entertained, dont they!? ;)

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shraddha said...

I am a mom to twins too..

love your blog...