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Monday, July 27, 2009

I do Like a Good Riddle But...

These are beyond me.
Tejas- I want to buy that thing.
Me- What?
Tejas- That which you bought yesterday
Me- What did I buy yesterday
Tejas- You don't know what you bought yesterday?
Me- ok show me
Turns out he wanted the Kissan squeezie jam which we hav bought a month ago
Tejas- Mamma give me that book
Me- which book
Tejas- the same one that I want.
Me- ??
Dadda & Babies taking bath together
Ojas insists- Dadda do susu before taking bath
Dadda- No I did in other bathroom already.
Ojas- No Dadda do here... this bathroom.
*Waits expectantly for Dadda to oblige*
Verbal Revenge
Ojas- I feel like thukki (spitting) seeing your lengu (nether regions)
Tejas- I feel like vomiting seeing your belly button
Tejas- I want to go to shop
Me- Why?
Tejas- To buy some things
Me- What?
Tejas- Plants
Ojas- Pot
They do know what pleases Mamma


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Renuka said...

Finally....glad to see another twim mama!! cool blog...thoroughly enjoyed!! feels lk i am re-living ur twin moments...