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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ekki, Dokki, Shanmugam

Boo gifted the kids 2 delightful books- Ekki & Dokki & Snoring Shanmugam .
Now what's so delightful about them?
1. Simple text - short tale, yet long enough to go like a proper story wherein the characters pass through similar phases during onward and return journey and therefore gives opportunity to ask questions like- now what had ekki done for the mehendi bush? or what did ekki give the cow? Therefore lot of interactive reading. And the words are exceptionally alive- khrrrrrr..pshew... (snoring). Overall very reminiscent of Russian folk tales that we used to read!!
2. Illustrations- they are beautiful- colourful, patterned, rustic, amateurish, and very Indian . Even the pictures give opportunity to interact. In some pages only a portion of the animals are visible son one can ask lot of questions in making the kids guess which animal that is.
3. Character Nomenclature- I love the way each character is named and some names are really interesting -so obviously we can ask the kids again and again- what was the name of the horse (incidentally it was Hutoxi in the Shanmugam book and the kids love saying hutoxi over and over again)
4. Rhyming- Some pages have rhyming words like- lean, mean, brawny, tawny lion... good fun reciting them until the kids get the words & sequence right.
PS - in Ekki Dokki, Dokki loses her 2 hairs as she has been a bad girl. So greatly amused are the kids that their Dad has no hair!


artnavy said...

anush loves shanmugam

Monika,Ansh said...

sounds fun.

shreya said...

hey, we're a fan of Shanmugam too. my son fell in love with "Im so sleepy", and then jumped on all the books in the series. i think he likes reading about familiar characters - i loved the names in "Colour Kamini" and also in "Mallipoo" also

Poppins said...

Yes yes love these two books. Even did a post on Colour Colour Kamini!

Itchingtowrite said...


Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Ooo. SOunds delightful! Loved the 'daddy has no hair' realisation!!