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Friday, July 03, 2009

Alice in Wonderland

A sticker book published by that has been stickered more than a year ago and is now being used as a story book. Ojas & Tejas were sufficiently interested in the story, especially because of the familiar subjects being discussed like mushroom, caterpillar, lock, key, juice (magic potion), and the fact that Alice became big & strong & small and strong by eating various stuff. Now I really found it difficult to weave my way through the number of times she shrank and enlarged and still make a convincing relateable story out of it but I guess children still have the ability to take it at face value. And that's why they can imagine and build upon a make believe magical world.
They also love The Jungle Book from the same sticker book collection. They have almost memorised the first page which goes..Tonight, the tiger Sher Khan, desperate with hunger (add sound effects - grrr)... They love the story and it is one of their preferred bedtime books.
My reading method includes pausing at each sticker and letting them read the word that the sticker depicts aking it quite interactive for them, apart from asking them to describe the pictures on each page.

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