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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Tiny Bytes

A Missed photo Op
-When Ojas wore his socks in his hands and a watchman's cap and woke Nani up saying- Nani- coffee!

Logically Speaking
Ojas- teases Nani- Nani chee chee
Tejas- who took you for buying biscuit and eggs wearing a sari- Ojas, tejas & dadda?
Ojas- no, Ojas, Tejas & Nani
Tejas- then? nani chee or nice?
Ojas- nice!

Why should I leave them alone more often?
-They are able to wrangle new clothes for themselves from Nani & Mausi
- try their best to convince them to buy a revolving chair & calculator
-have coffee frappe every evening!

Motherly Ojas
When he puts a blanket over me and tucks it carefully on all sides

So what's Spicy?
woh jo teeta hota hai naa (explains in hindi the meaning of spicy)


dipali said...

teeta- too cute!

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