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Friday, June 26, 2009

Guess Where?

Which of these eating joints in Chennai can you recognize?
So a lot of people got most of them right...
Barbecue nation
Pizza Hut, Adyar (yes the reflection on the screen was a blatant hint)
Don Pepe, Cathedral Road. The "mexican" on the window reflection and the name written on the coaster was the hint, but somehow the image couldn't get enlarged- I discovered a little belatedly Subway, Ascendas GRT Granddays
Cafe Coffee Day

Tough one- Ponnnuswamy, Adyar

Fruit Shop on Greams Road, Besant Nagar

He he, just showing off- my home


Monika said...

ok me not from chennai but the first one distinctly looks like BBQ nation :)

Artnavy said...


1- barbeque nation
2- pizza hut
3- shakes and creams or something like that in Adyar OR sparkys diner?
4- ascendas
6- cafe coffee day
7- Nalas
8- greams road fruit shop in Bsant nagar
9- itchy's home

Anonymous said...

Hi Itchy,
My answers are as follows

1. barbecue nation
2. Clay Oven?
3. Raintree?
4. Ascendas
5. GRT Grand Days
6. CCD
7. Murugan Idli shop
8. Fruitshop on Greams Road at Besant nagar
9. You home? ;-)


Anonymous said...

1. barbeque nation
2. pizza hut

last one: your house :)

and i've never even been to chennai ;-)

AA_Mom said...

1. BBQ nation
2, 3 Pizza hut (cheating, I can actually see it)
4, 5 - Subway

Rest no idea

Just Like That said...

BBQ Nation, Pizza Hut and CCD are the only ones I recognise, generally... not the Chennai ones in particular.

Pipette's Mimi said...

I can just guess these
pic 4- subway
last pic- your home


Itchingtowrite said...

hey- thanks people for answering..posted the answers on the post itself

Mama - Mia said...

awesome stuff ITW!! :D