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Friday, June 05, 2009

The Pregnant King

I read this delightful book- ok, not completely as the crucial 40 pages that form the end of the book was missing.
Devdutt Pattanaik retells the story of Yuvanashva as told in the epic- but changes the timeline of the same making them contemporary with the Kurukshetra war. Go here to read the excerpt of the original course of events.
The book is long and twisted but pretty much tells the same thing in most of the pages. Yet it has managed to become a pageturner - the events unfold almost as if you can see them happening or as if you are part of the mind of the protagonists.
The author has evoked all episodes of dual gender existence in his book to make parallels to the central theme- whether among humans, gods or other supernatural beings like ghosts/ yakshas.
Even the God of Vallabhi is both a male and a female in one- a parallel to Radha hi Krishn hai and Krishn hi Radha hai?
Another important aspect of the book is the debate on how a situation is resolved. The most important point to consider would be that the solution is not in isolation of the current social rules and situation- there are no right or wrong answers- only the most apt of all depending upon the social scenario. The importance of logic, the tussle between brain and heart, Yama & kama, duty and feelings and how each aspect is important to the solution. The interesting aspect is that every event has been given both the Yama logic (eventuality/ reason) & the Kama logic (desire) but the result has been the same whichever logic has been employed to explain the course of the events!
Read the book to make more sense of my thoughts! And share it with me so that I could read the last 40 pages- I have still not been able to locate it!


Artnavy said...

this author's devi, ganesha, siva are all very intersting books

u must get them as well

Monika said...

i loved this book as well

i have it and can share but the ques is how?

me in blore u in chennai

dipali said...

Yes, it is an amazing, multi-layered book. I love your review, by the way:)

Itchingtowrite said...

thanks Art must check them out
Monika- so sweet gal... lemme check here first if not I will take up your offer
dips- thankee!!

The Rat... said...

i read this book a month ago... yeah the last few pages are real enlighters.... the book goes beyond body and flesh... i hated it wen some rishimunis go on that males are superiors as they cant hide their desire like females.. but d kama-yama logic defies them all.... cool read....