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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

If A Car goes Drrrrrrrrrrrrrr

How does an aeroplane go?
Answer- Aerooooooooooooooooooo (as per Ojas)

Scenario is that I am giving Ojas a wash before bedtime using running water. (turned low)
I rinse his mouth first and while he is spitting it out, I wash his lower body. And then proceed to rinse his mouth again.
Why does Ojas run away screaming and holding his mouth tightly shut?
Answer- because the water has become dirty after washing his nether regions (langu wash)

Why does Tejas refuse to place his toilet seat for shitting?
Answer- because he has just taken bath and he doesn't want to dirty himself by touching it!

Which is the best way to convince Nani to put cartoon?
Answer- threaten to break her glasses or shake the chair on which she is standing.

What is the right way to drink milk (coffee)?
Answer- on a tray with a bowl of mixture placed with it (just like how Nana, Nani drink their tea/ coffee)

How does Tejas realize I have made Complan and am passing it off as Coffee?
Answer- It is not smelling like coffee- Coffee ka doosra smell hota hai (Mamma's skills inherited)

How do you express feeling of pain in any part of the body?

Answer- legs / hands mein bhukki ayee - Hungry in the legs, hungry in the hands

How do you express your need to eat?

Answer- My stomach is full of water, will you give me peanuts?

Why should I not stand in the toilet when they are shitting?

Answer- because it will smell! how considerate- Mamma tum go karo, smell hoga


Aparna said...

Hahahaha, enjoyed reading about the enlightened chap. And you must agree, insisting that you leave the bathroom while he is doing his job is highly cosiderate of him!!

richajn said...

my, my. what smarties they are!

"hungyr in the hands"!?!? really. WOW! what a novel way to handle pain. hats off to you!

And the peanuts part is awesome!! :)

Monika,Ansh said...

Cute & smart :)

Rohini said...

My fellow also says bhukki lag rahi hain for when he wants to throw up...

NC said...

lol, very funny. they are indeed very considerate and smart. But seriously the water does get dirty na, if your hands are dirty?? ;)

Itchingtowrite said...

ro- wonder how they decide what term to use for what action
NC- yes they are anal like their mom
aparna- time to shut the bathroom door that they realize the torture they put us thru!

richa- totally- hats off to them...

Monika- ;)

Neha Prasad said...

i dont believe the kids are so hygienic!! feel so proud of them :)