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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Car Park

They are aren't they? Talking about mine too?In our case its the various cars that occupy the space under the pillow- there is a space there right?
what you see depicted in the picture is just the tip of the iceberg- or rather work in progress- what they especially Ojas usually have would be nothing less than 15 vehicles under the pillow. And he builds the collection in phases on any given night.
The process followed would be-
1. Mamma restricts- only 2 cars and all go under the pillow - with the ulterior motive that it doesn't poke Mamma in the wrong places or become the object of attention during a time which ought to be devoted for evoking sleep.
2. Ojas / Tejas comply and stick to the allotted quota
3. Tejas still complies but Ojas manages to hang from the bedside and pick any available car from the floor near the bed and keeps tucking them under the pillow
4. Tejas asks for water and Ojas immediately needs water. Uses the time we take to walk to the kitchen- drink water- come back to room to rush to the toy cupboard and pick up as many cars he can in his two hands and offers some to Tejas also.
5. Before running to bed, picks up some more cars from other parts of the room and stuffs them under the pillow until Tejas decides enough is enough and switches off the light.
6. Ojas takes additional pillow to place on top of the previous pillow which is having so many cars parked under it.
7. Ojas gets fed up and pushes the cars onto the floor/ mattress below.
8. Dadda comes and sleeps on top of most of the cars!


Monika,Ansh said... cute :)

AMIT said...

Yeah small cute childrens often play in this way.

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Anonymous said...

very cute

Anonymous said...

very cute