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Thursday, May 28, 2009

What All Can Go Wrong or Right in a Trip?

A quick update before detailed ones follow
1. Cyclone Aila chooses to strike the day you choose to fly to Dhaka via Kolkatta.
2. You leave early morning from Chennai only to spend the entire day at the airport- reading, eating and waiting for the airline to arrange for the cabs which are in short supply due to the flight delays
3. The 2 books you bring along with you are nearing completion
4. You panic and plug inthe laptop to conserve the book to last you for the next 2 days, only to find the net not connecting
5. You call up reliance and they refuse to respond unless you manage to dream up the initial they have affixed to your name for fun- you call them arse h0les much to your great satisfaction when they ask you to go home, get the bill to check the initials and come back and complain(like I could)...(you call again and this time the nice guy at the other end takes your complain and restores your connection in the next 2 hours)
6. You live from one sandwich to the next as the airport (International that too) has a hole in the wall snack bar and the coffee days are in the arrival section (poor fellow, hardly any business)
7. You arrive at a shady sounding hotel and are pleasantly surprised to get upgraded to a suite - but you have no husband to romp in the huge bed with you
8. You get to eat divine fish fry and tough mutton - and the staff hold a meeting to solve the problem of the mutton and then insist you order the same dish the next day even if you are going out for dinner
9. You have to catch the flight to Dhaka the next morning which means you miss the complimentary breakfast and eat that nasty sandwich in the airport again
10. There is ankle deep water stagnant in front of the hotel and you borrow gumboots to reach the car without getting wet
11. You buy 3 books at the airport to last you the entire trip
12. You realize you do not have international roaming once you touch down Dhaka
13. You realize that the agent who has to pick you up has no way to contact you as you have called him from the immigration officers phone and you have no idea which section of the airport he is waiting
14, A nice porter gives you his phone and then hounds you for bakhshish (the uncle was right- even for telling you the price of an item in the store- they expect a bribe)
15. You have an extremely good meeting and divine lunch on the 12th floor
16. You come back to Kolkatta and meet the Sue & Dipali & SRE but miss meeting Eve's Lungs
17. You realise next afternoon that The Pregnant King has 44 pages missing
18. You buy mangoes and lichi (slurp)
19 Your flight is delayed
20. You are stuck in traffic
21. You get hold of the bookseller and he doesn't have a replacement
22. You had to buy a different book in exchange (blessing or disguise)
23. You reach home at 3 am!


How do we know said...

ha ha ha ha ha..some ppl have all the luck in the world! :-)

artnavy said...

cool- so it was worth the wait

btw u get great lichis here in chennai now at t nagar and velachey pazha madir

Cuckoo said...

Home sweet home ain't it? :) I'd like to meet you guys the next time I land in Chennai. Deal?

Munchkin said...

Haha...well you cant say the trip was uneventful :)

Itchingtowrite said...

artnavy- costs too high right? for someone who is used to picking bundles for 15 bucks in patna doesn't want to commit blasphemy in chennai

Phoenixritu said...

This is eventful. I need to get out and travel! Would love to experience this - yes even the cancelled flights and knee deep stagnant water!

Sue said...

Kolkata. With one 't'.

*throws a city guide at Itchy*

Any mangoes left?

Itchingtowrite said...

sue- that's why i always liked to say Calcutta! mangoes- off course, we r still eating it
phoenix- u may want to skip the stagnant water bit though