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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just Like Old Times

A very dear friend and ex-colleague surprised me with a call that she is in town and would love to meet up.
Considering the fact that we have not spoken for quite some time and not seen each other for more than 2 years, I was worried about the awkward pauses and that perhaps now that we do not work for the same organisation, we may have nothing to talk about.
My fears were proved to be false because-
a) I underestimated my nonstop nonsense talking capacity
b) I forgot that she is a very nice and tolerant girl who has immense patience and has always indulged me and my useless chatter
c) With old friends there cannot be awkward pauses. As I like to stay, one can always begin from where they left and there is enough ground to cover and at the end of it all you still feel as if there was a lot unsaid.
d) Kids, husband, common friends, work, aspirations in life, weight, weddings... it's never ending...
As we chatted into the night over coffee/ sandwiches, I was loathe to look at the watch - the moral police for moms!
At the end of it all I left home with a happy, contended feeling and an overall feel-good spirit!

Only to promptly go back the next day to meet IBH over coffee and sandwiches! A much awaited unwind session which was getting postponed for an inordinate duration of time!
PS- At the rate I meet the girl friends in Indira Nagar Coffee Day they ought to provide me with priviledged customer benefits


IBH said...

:) it was seriously great meeting you Itchy!

and hey! i think at this rate, you are entitled to freebies on every visit :) may be chicken sdwch.. :)

we should make it more often gal! :)

Artnavy said...

i will take some credit for the first meet happening:-))

did u send this to S??

dipali said...

Such fun!