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Monday, May 18, 2009

In Denial

Tejas throws a plate at mausi's laptop and breaks a key
Mausi- kyon tooti kiya?
Tejas- tum kyon laya laptop. office mein rakho (why did u bring your laptop home. you should have left it in office)...this admonishment goes on for a long time late into the night.

Next morning
Mamma- did you break Mausi's laptop/
Tejas- no. Ojas did it
Tejas- Mamma open this (munch pops choc) for me
Mamma- You ate yours in the morning naa? this is Ojas' naa?
Tejas- toh Ojas share karega naa (But Ojas will share naa?)

Ojas grabs at the mouthfreshener served at the end of the meal.
Dadda- wait I will give you, you don't grab
Dadda places 4 grains of anise on Ojas' palm.
Ojas- sarcastically- what is this?
proceeds to grab a handful of anise for himself.
Ojas/ Tejas- see see I have got fish
2 boys (neighbours)- where where (thinking they have live fish)
O/T- proudly show their plastic squeezie fish


Phoenixritu said...

Kids and their antics! They are truly entertaining

Mama-Mia said...


O & T totally rock!


Minal said...

Not letting the elders get their laptop home is a smart idea

dipali said...

Poor mausi didn't know the rule!