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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Horn Ok Please

Not having a horn in your car is such a humbling experience
...and irritating to the boot.
When you have to simply wait until that bike right in the centre of the fast lane deigns to shift towards the left
Or when the bus is right justified on the middle lane and you are like me, too chicken to overtake the bus that may just veer towrds its right any moment
Or perhaps you are reduced to a state of needing to lower the window and tap on the car in front to make the driver move forward a bit, when you are trying to overtake on the narrow left side ..

And oh off course the husband feels that whatever dents you have got on your car is because you do not have a horn on you.

Ah, getting your horn back is so liberating..
Back off you trolls...
Back off you slowcoaches...


Monika,Ansh said...

Hehehe......I am learning to drive. So this post seemed so relevant.

Mumbai Diva said...


Have been through this. The most irritating, tear-you-hair-out kinda experience