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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Disaster Shopping Trip

So here I define the recipe for a disaster shopping trip...
1. The husband proclaims that "my wife will take you (client) for shopping- she knows everything about shopping"
2. The husband indicates vaguely that they want to buy modern Indo-western boutique type dresses - which I translate to smart short kurtas (Indian naa)- like the ones I buy from my secret boutique in Gurgaon
3. I do a broad game plan on where I am going to take them (the firangs) - which means which direction we will go that's all
4. They ask me what is the plan- like a detailed one. I don't have any detailed one offcourse- it's going to be played by the ear
5. I don my marketing hat- which means I know nothing and am going to ask you to tell me everything right now and decide on the spot the solution- I ask them what they want to buy- They indicate 2 above and say they don't want to go to the westsides and fab Indias and all.
6. Marketing hat donned again- grope grope for some clue- even say that the best boutiques for Indian clothes are in Delhi so as to not raise their hopes too high, until they mention Amethyst and casually drop in some designer names...
7. Bell rings and I curse myself for not doing my homework on designer stores and for never frequenting designer stores for that matter
8. Madly recalls the few designer stores she knows Evoluzione, Silkworm, Rehane (that I happened to notice a day ago and knew what it is as had attended a seminar in which she was one of the panelists) and Ritu Kumar and acts ultra-knowledgable of the happening designer boutiques in Chennai
9. As we go in to the stores, rapidly scans the in-store magazines for ads/ reports of other designer boutiques and gets to know of a few more like Collage- and act even more knowledgeable
10. Gets into Titanic as they wanted to buy something for the kids and ends up spending more than them on 3 bags which she doesn't really need but buys them all the same as they are at a discount and from hidesign (salsa).
11. Goes to Spencer's mall as they want to buy some specific teas. They don't find the tea, but I stumble on the escalator as Ojas wouldn't move out of the escalator and therefore broke my sandals and ended up buying a sandal I don't really need desperately.


Monika,Ansh said...

3 bags & a sandal.......Even if u don't need them,this sounds like a pretty good shopping trip to me!!:)

Phoenixritu said...

Shopping is fun, repeat after me, shopping is fun!

Saya said...

Hidesign also ripped me off :) sales are too tempting

NC said...

So get to take people out for shopping? whats bad about it? I have finally grown up to be a women and love shopping. ATLAST!! :D
and BTW, I think you did VERY GOOD just three items...not bad at all.

dipali said...

Did they get some good stuff after all this?