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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nalas on a Naala

How could I forgot to post about the dinner at Nalas done almost a month back - I had been groping to get ideas for posts and here this review was sitting right at the back of my head and I was doing nothing about it. ah well, here it is - read about the yummy food we had at this place - when apron strings loosened and we commited the blasphemy of eating a large tandoori chicken. And take my word for it- the tandoori chicken was awesome- delicious, juicy, fleshy and copious- the most important aspect of any food- has to be in plenty- total value for money- if only we didn't have to cross the toll on OMR to get there.
We took their biriyani which came with a combo of miniature chicken 65 pieces. And a chicken masala curry which was awful for which we got a full refund.
A dear little place with plants on the windows overlooking the OMR road- off course it did not matter that our seat was situated right on top of a manhole and I was feeling that it might open up any moment with the pressure of my feet!
My suggestion- take the tandoori chicken- the rest of the menu is standard!


IBH said...

hey! apart from the ones you mentioned, you must try their different Appams....that is their speciality! and that they have varities of Appams is what their selling point is!

Artnavy said...

i was expecting to see aappams as well!! And u really like chicken that much or they don't serve other items in non veg? :-))

Gymnast said...

Oh wow...sounds like a cool place. Must visit sometime. But i wonder if it would fit into the budget of an often-broke student like me.

Itchingtowrite said...

oh yes gymnast - it will

art- off course i like chicken...

ibh- i amnot an appam person but hubby will def like it

Anonymous said...

there's one in velachery opp Vijayanagar Bus stop..