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Friday, May 29, 2009

A Day in Dhaka

I was lucky that I went to Dhaka on a day the rain had washed and cleaned the city. The city looked like a combo of Bangalore in some parts - where the diplomats lived and our good old Kolkatta in other parts. The surprise was the abundance of CNG booths.
My uncle had mentioned jokingly that even the saesperson in a store would expect a tip for directing you to the right section!
And I assure you, he wasn't joking- I realised belatedly though.
As I landed in Dhaka, I realised, to my shock that I had forgotten to activate international roaming! The immigration officer kindly lended his mobile for me to make a call to the partner working the market with our company, to pick me up. As luck would have it, he was waiting at terminal 2 while I was standing on terminal 1. A porter kindly lended me his mobile phone to call the partner again and then would not leave my side - expecting a bakhshish! Since I was going back in the afternoon, I had not exchanged my dollars and he waited around until the partner could tip him!
And oh, I am no longer leading a donkey's life- I have sat inside Toyota Gaya with a sun roof! They tell me there are only 2 of those cars in entire Dhaka! Yay! An awesome experience- if only I coulld have stood on the seat and waved at the crowd around, my life would have been complete!
This is Dhaka city for you taken from my mobile phone - if you peer closely you might see a flight in take off and radisson below that with red roofs! Try try!

The auto rickshaws are queer- the driver sits completely caged for security of the driver. Below is a funny 3 wheeler- very tiny and seemingly uncomfortable

The magnificient parliament building... awesome!


Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

Lovely! I've always wanted to go to Dhaka...apparently that is the 'old country' for my mum's side of the family. And considering I like in Kolkata now, managing a trip shouldn't be too difficult.

LOL at the porter waiting for a tip!

Munchkin said...

Nice! Did you shop?

Poppins said...


Itchingtowrite said...

no time to shop... saved my money that way!