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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Domestic Horror in 80 clicks

The venerable Dipali tagged me on this one and I come up with my own domestic horror stories- the first is a fridge horror story-
1. New year's eve of 2004...I noticed an odour near my washbasin which was something like wet matted dog + it's urine, faaart, dead rat, spoiled food. Now being the self- appointed nose of the house, I took it upon myself to hunt for the source of the smell. And lo and behold, I peeked behind the fridge to see the outlet of the fridge ejecting droplets of something completely yucky and lots and lots of green stuff and maggots and other assorted animal kingdom members swimming and multiplying in that fluid even as I looked at it.
New year's eve, on a friday night- which means the next 2 days one cannot get someone to clean the fridge. So yours truly and husband dear take on the mammoth task of pushing the fridge till the balcony, tilting it and washing the hell out of it!
I believe it was a milk spill that found it's way out of the outlet
2. Gas horror story- Diwali day, a friend had got married few days ago and because of that I had quite a few coconuts collected as return favours.
I decided to display my culinary skills and make coconut burfi. All went well and I removed the coconut mix from the gas. Found it to be too watery and not morphing into laddus no matter whatever I did. So I took my cooker and put the mix back into it and left it on (low?) flame and went away going about my other business. Horrors- a roasted, burnt smell came percolating to my nose and I rushed back and found that I had left the gas on high flame and as a result had a charcoal black scene awaiting for me.
Fast forward a few tearful moments and I ended up spending Diwali evening cleaning the cooker partly leaving the major part for the maid next day.
And to my chagrin- the maid refused to clean it beyond a point.
I had to cook mutton the next day in that cooker and no way I was going to have coconut + charcoal smell contaminating the taste. So I brandished my metal scrubber and spent a good hour scrubbing away the finest of stains until I got my cooker ready to cook mutton the next day!
I tag
Monika, Ansh
Moppet's mom


Monika,Ansh said...

Oh, those are serious horror stories. Will take up the tag soon :)

dipali said...

Yucky, but what was wrong- why was the fridge emitting such gunk?

Itchingtowrite said...

edited the post Dips- it was a milk spill- torn packet

Phoenixritu said...

LOL this was such fun. Glad to know I am not alone

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

EEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKSSSSSSSS!!! @ the slime and maggots and blech-stuff! And you actually cleaned the muck yourself!! You are one brave woman!!

Will take up the tag, definitely!

Cuckoo said...

Ugh that must've been one terrible smell. I know the milk odor. My mom's fridge once did that to her :(

Sri said...


Have been reading ur blog for sometime but am commenting for the first time...

I also faced the foul smelling fridge problem just a week back...i had left some ice-cream in the freezer and forgot about it for a week...whenever one passed by the fridge,the smell was really hubby decided to spend May Day scraping out all the ice that had formed thinking that was the cause but then we found the little tray behind the fridge which was the culprit!!

Once, I left some rice and moong dal in the cooker to make pongal and got a call frm my mom..the end result was we had maggi for dinner and my maid poured half a bottle of Vim liquid to clean the cooker!!


maidinmalaysia said...


i am so happy to read this horror story... join the sistah-hood