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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Some More of Ojas Tejas

1. Height of exaggeration- If I slap them-they say hands tooti / buttom (buttocks) tooty. Cream lagao- meaning hands/ bum is broken. apply cream

2. Height of orderliness- I was cutting a mango and kept a plate near the kitchen sink. Tejas asks me to put the plate on the proper place- kitchen slab. I held the mango in my hand to cut off. He advices me- no hands, plate mein rakho, gir java. (put in the plate and cut else the mango will fall)

3. Height of naming- The forceps are called spoon scissors- because it looks like a pair of scissors & is placed in the spoon drawer I suppose. And then they say give me scissors because this is Koo. (now what is koo- don't ask me)

4. I asked them what is Ojas' name- Tejas replies "Anna". What is Tejas name? Ojas replies- "Tambi", followed by a lot of laughter. Now I don't go around teaching them to call each other anna / tambi because I don't want to differentiate just bcause of th birth order as in my eyes they are equal, even though Ojas is considered first among the two equals.
5. I asked Tejas how does Ojas cry?- he says- Baaaaaa
6. I sometimes discuss with Ojas - is Tejas a bad boy, just within hearing of Tejas. Tejas is quick to say- Aaai, Tejas goo-boy.
7. Confused- Ojas confused between the words Pizza & design
8. They talk on the phone & when I ask them who they are talking to- they say An(o)ushka- now don't know which one of the 2 they know
9. Blame Game-
me- who broke this?
Both- Tejas/ Ojas- pointing at each other
Me- Ojas you broke?
Ojas- No, Tejas
Me- Tejas- you broke?
Tejas- No, Ojas
Together- smiling conspirately at each other, point at me and say- Mamma broke
(mujhe hi chor banaa deta hai)


Mama - Mia said...

Ojas and Tejas are just too cute!!

anna and tambi!! hehe!! must be sounding so cute when they say it!! :D

hugs to them! and hope they stay supportive of each other like this... always!!


Swati said...

VERY CUTE ..I am sure they drive you crazy

Itchingtowrite said...

mama mia/ swati