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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ojas Tejas on a Roll

Me- Tejas say Lion
Tejas obediently- Lion
Me- Ojas say Lion

Tejas- No. Tiger

Mausi- what is my eyes colour

Tejas- Black

Mausi- what is Tejas eye colour

Tejas- Brown. (aspirations, aspirations)

Cutest act of the week-My neighbour with twins visited us. After a while she got up to leave and lifted one child in her arms. Ojas pointed at the other one and frantically shouted- "some more, some more"

What made me laugh the most this week- One night at bedtime, I was singing to them. I started with "Dilli ki sardi" my favourite corny number. They listened politely.

Then I sang "Jhalak dikhla jaa"- their favourite song at 6 months age. Ojas asked for "dhoom macha le". Tejas immediately asked for 'lakdi ki kathi". An argument ensued. I ended up singing Jhalak dikhla ja yet again. Tejas says- no 'lakika lakika". So I asked "lakdi ki kathi" he says no wrong, correct karo. "Lakika lakika" and tried to sing it in similar tune to "jhalak dikhla ja" confusing me.

I again sang "dilli ki sardi". He says- no, that is finished , sing "lakika lakika" . Ultimately I sang "lakdi ki kathi" and he says- Haaan correct.

  • When one of them is talking on the phone and the other is creating a commotion, he says- Ekdum Choop (Keep your mouth shut)
  • The other day I caught them telling each other "basket". We never use that word at home. Wonder where they picked it up.
  • Tejas- pointing at an imaginary point on his knee- dekho, big chot, no touch ok. (see, this is a big bruise...) (Actually I have a big bruise on my knee and he is aspiring to get one too)
  • If they don't like anyone- baikuff (bevakoof- foolish)
  • Or if someone or they themselves is doing something silly- buddhu, bamash (foolish, naughty)
  • After "breaking wind" or whenever he smells any odour, Tejas says- Mamma smell (mamma has done it). I am glad that his olfactory skills take after me.
  • Seeing my new nightie/ new nailpolish- Mamma, nice!- Atleast 2 out of the 3 men in my life are noticing me. The take after their father (maa- bhakts)!

My future is secure. (Perhaps they will insist on taking me along for their honeymoon) (evil grin)


Mama - Mia said...

they are just too cute!!

i know it sounds repetitive, but dunno what to say everytime you tell their stories!!

adorable!! :D

artnavy said...

"basket" is too much

did u try karadi tales yet for them?

Itchingtowrite said...

mama mia- thanks!! love to hear it again and again
art- not yet... will do it sometime later. they r not yet so keen to sit & watch/ listen quietly. alwasy want to do something

Just Like That said...

too cute!
and ROFL At Maa bhakt.What we would do without our sense of humour..:-D

Shobana said...


Shobana said...


Itchingtowrite said...

JLT- thanks
Shobhana- thanks thanks

Swati said...

LOL at "Some More" Very cute they are!

dipali said...

maa bhakt indeed! Lovely boys- hug them both from me, please:)

Sunita said...

"Some more some more" - I have been laughing at this thinking about them at home :)

Very sweet.