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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

My Favourite Indian Ethnic Cuisine

Only in India can one get and enjoy Mc aaloos, the Mc burgers, Indian Chinese and the likes. Fusion cuisine in Indian combines adventure and taste not unlike Indian attire & textiles- versatile, exotic and likeable.
My personal favourites-

Kachori- stuffed with Peas or Bengal gram daal.
Samosa- aaloo is what I prefer and not the hybrids with channa etc- unless it is chicken.
Adai or Chilka- made of besan or green mung daal
Litti: can anything beat that- litti filled with sattu and eaten with brinjal bharta and tomato chutney. I love the sattu separately also.
Khichri- Piping hot with all the bhartas- potato & brinjal and tomato chutney and pickle and papad
Keema- mutton only
Rajma/black chana-Chaval
Chhole-Bhature- even chhole puri- together with raw onion, coriander leaves (how does one live without these leaves) and lime.
makke ki roti- need I explain further?
Dhokla -I remember roaming the streets and begging at the mithai counters for just a pack of fluffy dhoklas when I was pregnant.
Dosa: no comments- Make them crisp while you are at it.
Cutlet/ Chop, Aaloo bonda- I am still looking for the best in town
Daal Vada-with crisp daal bits that you bite into
Hyderabadi Biryani
Butter Chicken and the paneer butter masala for our bechara veggie cousins
Kathi Roll-eclectic roti and chicken
Bread Omellete of the road side dhabas
Chicken Lollypop- what? this is not Indian?
Paneer Bhujji
Dahi Vada/ Sambhar Vada- Huge and soft vadas immersed in respective liquids. I would go weak at the knees just thinking of them in pregnancy.
The Andhra podi with ghee- gunpowder?
Dhaniya Chutney
Fish Finger
Fish curry with white rice
Hey- add your favourites to this list!!


Minka said...

I am drooling at my desk !!

Here's my favourites :-

Dahi papdi chat
Rajma Chawal
Ajwain parathas with mango chunda
Frankies ( like they used to sell in Mumbai )
poori and black chana
Crispy rava dosas
Kulfi ( minus the falooda - I hate it )

thanks for making my day !!!

~nm said...

Even I love Litti! Its so yummy!! When you look at it, it seems like such a light meal but after 2 y ou are full to the brim!

I like the following too:

- Paav Bhaji
- Moong cheela with mint/coriander chutney
- Grilled sandwiches
- French toast
- Pulav with Dahi
- Kulfi's (I agree Minka..even I HATE those darn faloodas!)
- Gol gappe
- are making me hungry right in teh morning. Its just 11 AM!!!

Mama - Mia said...

oh my god!!

lunch is still 40mins away!! how do i survive!! how do i be decent and NOT drool in office!!

me love almost all ofw aht you have put down except few things i dont know about!! but am sure i will like them!! :)

i do love pav bhaji and vada pav!! my mumbai roots!! i also love bhel and basically chat in every form!!

nice post!!


Shobana said...

Yum yum! here are my favs:

- aloo tikki with channa
- cheese sandwich with tomato sand
- all chaats
- chole batura
- chicken 65
- aloo roast and rasam
- sambar vada (I craved these every day while pregnant and even now)
- Southern Railway's bread omelette
- paneer tikka masala and naan
- mini idlis in sambar

so many foods that I crave waiting for my India trip.

Orchid said...

why oh why....did u have to do this post!?!?!...
now I can't stop the drool!

Timepass said...

Now that some of the items u mentioned are my favourites, as a punishment, you need to get all the items for me...