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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ojas Tejas Surprise

Angrej Chale Gaye, Ojas ko chod gaye
Mamma- give me water.
After drinking.
Mamma- give me some more water.

Daddy on Track
Hubby tries to put them to order when they are creating a ruckus in the restaurant
Hubby- Eshaaaan (with stern look in his eyes)
Tejas- Aryammaaaan (with equally stern look in his eyes)
Ojas- Daddaaaaaa (mirroring the same looks)

No Competition among brothers
They were drinking milk and Tejas was lagging behind in his speed of drinking.
To encourage him I said- Drink quickly. Ojas first or Tejas first?
Tejas- Very magnanimously- Ojas first!

Lessons Learnt
Me- If you spit again, I will throw you out of the car. (he has got into the habit of drooling)
Ojas- Gir java? (will I fall down)
Me- yes, muh band rakho (shut your mouth)
After sometime,
Me- you are spitting again!
Ojas- No, Muh band (my mouth is closed). No gir java (don't throw me out.)

Daddy's Supporters
Mamma, give me water.
Me- Mamma busy, ask dadda.
Dadda's Team- No Dadda busy/ No Dadda tired/ No, Dadda lapitop (laptop)/ No Dadda phone.

Status check
This Mamma lapitop, this dadda lapitop, this Mausi lapitop, this Mamu lapitop.
Us- where is Ojas lapitop?
Ojas- (matter of fact expression) -Ojas no lapitop.

Bought a Giant Sticker Activity First Words Book by Priddy Books.
Contains over 600 stickers divided into various sections like animals, vehicles, fruits & veggies, numbers, colours, alphabets, parts of the body etc. Price- Rs 385/- but promises many hours & days of fun. Only problem is that the adhesive doesn't seem to be very binding. Loses its stickiness pretty fast and they are supposed to b reusable. Ojas & Tejas are having great fun over it everyday - only under my supervision. I wouldn't trust anyone with that book.


~nm said...

Your kids are just hilarious!! You will always be outwitted by them! ALWAYS! :D

Mama - Mia said...


awesome post!! Ojas and Tejas are just way too smart for anybody!! :D

Sunita said...

"Angrez chale gaye, Ojas ko chod gaye" ha ha ha :)
Very sweet.

Thanks for the link to the sticker book. I was just thinking what next to engage the kids with. I had no idea of some such thing though I had read about it in an earlier pos of yours. keep them coming.